Piano Stairs

Piano Stairs

Changing Behavior For The Better.

While playing on the Internet I Stumbled Upon this YouTube Video of an experiment – The Piano Stairs, carried out by a group of people who started a website called Thefuntheory.com. The site looks at whether they are able to change people’s behavior for the better by making something fun. They advocate that the actions can be a change to better yourself, the environment or just for something completely different, as long as it is a change for the better. I absolutely love it. In this YouTube clip called The Piano Stairs, they have done an experiment to see if they can encourage people to use stairs instead of the lazy option of an escalator or elevator. Take a look and see if they’ve proved the idea that by making something fun they can change people’s behavior for the better. Moral of this story is… Take the stairs.

Piano Stairs Experiment

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